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AMEX was founded in 1998 by the MULTANI BROS in Windsor, Ontario. Since the one truck beginning of AMEX FREIGHT, Inc. they have grown to a fleet of over 100 trucks consisting of both company drivers and owner-operators. AMEX is dedicated to technology and providing their customers with a low-cost, high quality transportation solution. We know that our employees are the heart and soul of our company and we strive to treat all our employees with respect and dignity. A solid focus on customer service has been the core to our growth and development over the years.. Since 2003, AMEX has acquired a few different carriers, allowing expansion.Today, AMEX is run by Owner, MULTANI along with a team of highly seasoned transportation veterans. AMEX looks forward to continuing the strong customer and employee relationships established over the past years.


Our Mission


Our mission is to provide our customers with superior service that enhances our customer’s strategic position in today’s market. We are committed to excellence and we believe in setting high standards for our company and our employees. It is our vision to be recognized as your leading transportation company in Canada and through North America.

Company Profile


AMEX FREIGHT INC specializes in FTL services, dedicated freight, cross-border services, between Canada and United States.  With our experience, expertise, and knowledge in logistics we can provide your business with delivery solutions that will work for you.  


AMEX FREIGHT INC is strategically located in Windsor,ON across from Detroit, MI, with terminals located in Toronto which utilizes the largest North American corridor.


We have the newest equipment operated by the most skilled drivers on the road; our expertise means reliability and dependability. Our organization continues to invest in the technology needed to drive efficiency, enhance communications and ultimately make it easy for customers to do business with AMEX.

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